Rihanna is just 33 years old, which is hard to believe. Despite this, she’s become the youngest solo artist to achieve 14 no. 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, and she’s sold more than 54 million albums and 210 million songs globally in the ten years since she began her musical career. Rihanna is the “best-selling digital artist of all time… with more than 100 million [RIAA] gold & platinum song certifications” and an eight-time Grammy winner who has also won 14 Billboard Music Prizes, among many other awards.Rihanna is a bona fide businesswoman with many entrepreneurial enterprises in addition to her musical accomplishments. However, despite her youth, her obvious cultural influence has permanently stamped her in history as a global icon. Despite her numerous accomplishments, Rihanna is only getting started. She’s busy adding to her already impressive list of accomplishments: executive producer, fashion designer, actor, smart business entrepreneur, and philanthropist, to name a few.

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